Best Yoga Mat

The Best Yoga Mat has the following 4 Qualities

Are you new to yoga? If you are planning to start practicing yoga, you need to buy the best yoga mat before you get started. Your yoga mat will be your constant companion when you start practicing yoga so makes sure that you get the right mat. To help you find the best yoga mat, here are four questions that you need to ask when testing the quality of the yoga mat.

The Best Yoga Mat Is Environment-Friendly

We only have one planet and we all need to do our share to protect the environment from destruction. Before you buy a yoga mat, make sure that the mat is biodegradable and that you can discard it later without feeling guilty of contributing to the pile of non-biodegradable waste in the landfill. Remember that the best yoga mats are those mats that are eco-friendly.

The Best Yoga Mat Always Lays Flat On The Floor

When you go out to buy yoga mats, make sure that you test the flexibility of the mat first before you pay for it. Roll the mat on the floor and see if the mat curls around the edges. If the mat curl around the edges, that mat is not good enough for you. Remember that the best yoga mat will always lay flat on the floor even if it had been rolled up for a long period of time.

The Best Yoga Mat Is Never Sticky.

The best yoga mats are sticky are sticky enough to let your hold your yoga pose. To test if the yoga mat has the right stickiness, spread the mat on the floor then remove your shoes and step onto the mat.  You need to plant booth feet firmly on the mat for a few seconds to feel the texture of the mat. After a few seconds, lift one of your feet off the mat. If the mat sticks to your foot when you lift it, forget about that mat. The best yoga mats are not supposed to be that sticky.

The Best Yoga Mat Provides Good Traction To Your Sweaty Hands And Feet

Despite the slow deliberate movements that are associated with the exercise, you are bound to sweat out during your yoga session. This means that your hands and feet will become wet midway through the session. To make sure that you do not slip while doing a yoga pose, buy a mat that provides good traction even to your sweaty hands and feet.  The best yoga mats should make you feel comfortable throughout your yoga session.