What is Bikram Yoga?

There are a few different types of yoga that you can try out, and Bikram yoga is one of the most popular by far. This style of yoga is also known as hot yoga, which makes sense considering it takes place inside of a building in which the temperature is turned up so that you are sweating and working off more weight while you are performing your yoga postures.

Bikram Yoga Details

The Bikram yoga is the type of yoga that is widely regarded as being the most intense. It is much harder when you are performing any exercise under extreme heat conditions, which is why your body needs to work harder and you end up losing weight at a faster pace.

The Bikram yoga involves 26 different postures and 2 breathing exercises in 90 minutes, which is quite impressive, in a room temperature of 105 degrees.

Bikram yoga comes with various benefits.

Getting Ready for Bikram Yoga

Before you get involved in Bikram yoga, you are going to need to make sure that you are set and ready to go. You will need Bikram yoga clothes and a few different pieces of gear before you are going to be prepared.

You are going to need a yoga mat for one, so that you are not slipping around on the floor. You should have a mat for any type of yoga but especially with Bikram yoga. The reason? Doing Bikram yoga in such high temperatures results in a profuse sweating session. This special yoga mat will basically make sure that you do not slip and end up falling flat on your face.

You may also want to get some sort of music player, such as an iPod, which is a very popular purchase by yoga lovers everywhere. This way you have something to listen to and keep you motivated while you are working out. You can save all of your favorite songs on there and use them to keep you focused during the exercise.

Yoga is a great exercise, one that you should definitely try out for yourself if you have not before, and which is going to offer you nothing but the very best results. You will get fit and get in shape, and be able to relieve your stress at the same time. No matter who you are, it is a great exercise to get started in.

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